COVID-19 Mail / Groceries

COVID-19 Mail / Groceries

Essential Mail and Grocery Delivery

Dear Valued customers,

We at Beachcomber Cruises and Picton Water Taxis, will be conducting a limited mail and grocery delivery over the compulsory isolation period.  For this to be sustainable, there will be, unfortunately, a cost of a minimum charge of $20 with each item costing $10. eg: 1 item = $20 4 items = $40.  

Payment will need to be made by credit card when confirming your order as there will be no one in the account’s office.

To make an order please contact us, on e-mail [email protected] or phone 03 573 6175. 

Please instruct your supplier to make the delivery to the office by 1300 (1pm) on the day of your delivery.

NOTE:  We do not have the facility to keep groceries frozen or chilled.

The only person on this vessel will the skipper.


Delivery Days                                  Destinations


Monday                      Onahau, Lochmara, Double Cove, Torea Bay, Kumutoto Bay, Kaipapa Bay, Blackwood Bay, Ruakaka Bay and BOMC,



Tuesday                     Green Bay, Monkey Bay, Little East Bay, Maraetai Bay, Onapua Bay, Erie Bay, Te Rua Bay, Okukari Bay, Te Awaiti Bay, Deep Bay and Te Iro Bay



Wednesday               Double Bay, Umuwheke Bay, Patton Passage, East Bay, Resolution Bay, Endeavour Inlet, Dryden Bay


To help us to help you, we ask that you are not within the required 2 meters of our staff, to help keep them and yourself safe.  

Please leave your mail bag on the wharf and we will exchange your bag and leave your goods on the wharf as well.  

No contact is allowed during this isolation time.

Thank you for your support 

Take Care


Jess Jones 

General Manager 

Beachcomber Cruises




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