Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary Cruise

Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary Cruise

Join us on our 8:00am departure from Picton out to the stunning Motuara Island, enjoy 1 hour native birdlife and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and stunning views.

On arrival at this magnificent island you will hear a chorus of songs from the local inhabitants. Sit and enjoy the bird viewing station approx 5 minute walk from jetty before following the moderate gradient track approx 800m one way around the hill with several lookout points along the way before reaching the highest point of the island (128m) there awaits fantastic views across to Ship Cove. There is a spectacular view to the North Island from the Cook Straight Lookout. Lift the lid on one of many wooden nestling boxes along the track and a sleepy Little Blue Penguin may just glance up to see who is watching over him.

Motuara Bird Sanctuary Island attracts bird lovers from all over the world. All introduced pests were removed in the early 1990's and the island is now home to a variety of native species having struggled to survive or died out on the mainland. Many of these are critically endangered and this Island provides them with a secure future.

Some of the wildlife you will see includes, Saddleback (tieke), NZ Robin (toutouwai), Bellbird (korimako), Tui, Grey Warbler (riroriro), NZ Pigeon (kereru), Silver Eye (tauhou), Fantail (piwakawaka), the endangered South Island Saddleback, the very rare King Shag, Maud Island Frog and the Marlborough Green Gecko.

Rejoin our Beachcomber Cruises vessel and make your way our to Ship Cove for a quick visit before making your way back to Picton for approx. 12:30pm

  • Motuara Island is a predator free island administered by the Department of Conservation.
Summer departures 1st Oct to 30 April
8:00 am*  Daily
  • A great introduction to the Queen Charlotte Sound

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